OMBUDSMAN MediatorDr. Francine Schlaks

Lets us help you settle your disputes out of court.

90% settlement rate. Over 3,000 workplace disputes resolved.


The purpose of intervening in workplace conflict early is to reduce cost and increase productivity.

During the mediation, parties are given an opportunity to give their perspective on the conflict. With the guidance of mediators, the parties eventually communicate directly with each other and begin to develop options for resolving the problems. The mediation process not only addresses current problems, it also provides assistance in developing ways to resolve future conflicts.

It is important that a conflict management system provides options for all types of problems within an organization, and mediation can offer an effective early intervention providing dispute resolution without the need to implement complex policies and grievance procedures. This also can eliminate EEOC charges and litigation.

Some key benefits of mediation:

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Flexibility (can mediate at anytime during process).
  • Protects against unwanted publicity by circumventing formal complaints
  • Greater control and predictability of outcomes
  • Comprehensive and customized agreements
  • 90% Settlement Rate
  • Controlled Cost Mutually satisfactory outcomes
  • Effective and speedy
Additionally, A Matter of Mediation provides a pre-mediation service for a small fee, which includes reviewing the case and private conferences with both sides to determine if mediation is a viable prospect in the matter. This will save you time and money, and help you determine the best course of action.
Dispute Avoidance and Early Resolution

Disputes may be common, but they are not inevitable. The key to avoiding or quickly resolving disputes is having the proper mechanisms in place to manage related issues. Acting proactively before issues arise and formal dispute resolution treatments become mandatory is beneficial. A Matter of Mediation can help. We offer a number of dispute avoidance and early resolution services to help clients prepare for, avoid, and minimize all their dispute related challenges.

Mediation is a cost effective, efficient, and fast method to solve many labor, employment, and workplace disputes before they turn into complex and drawn out litigations with substantial legal fees. Often, the interests of the parties are overlooked in preliminary negotiations, and a skilled mediator can bring out real substantive conflicts regarding sexual harassment, wrongful termination, hostile workplace, ADA & reasonable accommodation, and other related discrimination claims in such a way as to resolve them without further legal proceedings.

ABOUT OUR PRACTICEMeet Francine D. Schlaks, M.Sc., Ph.D., J.D.

Dr. Schlaks is an OMBUDSMAN and has experience as an Internal Federal Mediator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). She also has been a Federal Mediator for the United States Post Office, HUD, and Forest Services and was a Senior State Mediator for California employee disputes, California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), Department of many State Superior Court Mediation Panels. When she was at the IRS, she built and managed OMBUDSMAN for the IRS which had over 100,000 people.

Dr. Schlaks has successfully resolved over 3,000 complex employee workplace disputes since 1992. Dr. Schlaks has been a corporate trainer and has taught Negotiations, Mediation, and Management to the U.S. Air Force. She received her M.Sc., and Ph.D. from Colorado School of Mines graduated from UWLA Law School where she was the Assistant Editor of the Law review.